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Two Men’s Morris


Three Men’s Morris is an ancient strategy game for two players that dates back to Roman times. It’s played on a board similar to tic-tac-toe (six, nine and twelve men versions also exist).

Morris boards have been found carved into the cloister seats in Westminster Abbey as well as Canterbury, Salisbury and Norwich Cathedrals. The name is thought by some scholars to relate to Morris dancing while others believe it comes from the Latin word “merellus” which means a counter or gaming piece.

The Long Dog version is the simplest of all – just two Morris dancers prancing about on the village green outside the Nag’s Head Public House. Somebody get a jug of Stingo in, they won’t be able to spit a sixpence when they’ve finished the set.

Comes to you as a jingling pdf download with a tendency to dance around waving a hankie.

  • Area in stitches: 286 x 270
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