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The House of Fun


Japanese “stroll gardens” are extraordinary spaces where, just sauntering along following a carefully constructed path, the wayfarer can discover arresting scenery, unexpected changes of direction and delightful surprises hidden along the way.

A Long Dog “stroll sampler” is similar in many ways except that there’s no need to stick to the path or keep off the grass. You may stitch wherever you fancy, linger in dark corners or change the colour to suit your mood. It’s a cross stitch “walk on the wild side”.

So, put on your pork pie hats, grab your shades, crank up the ska music and prepare for a little madness to enter your life. Welcome to “The House of Fun”, it’s where the magic happens and everyone’s invited. Go barefoot in this park if you dare!

Comes to you as a pdf to download and save somewhere very, very safe as the link disappears in a puff of orange smoke after just twelve short months never to be seen again.

  • Area in stitches: 371 x 407
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