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Secret Admirer


A “secret admirer” could best be described as the romantic equivalent of the “unknown benefactor” and both characters feature large within the pages of Victorian novelettes and penny dreadfuls.

On Valentine’s Day, 14th February each year, the former are given carte blanche to come out of the wainscoting and declare their undying love in the guise of unsigned cards, bouquets of flowers from unnamed senders or lavish boxes of chocolates by special courier, hopefully still with their soft centres intact.

The French couch it perfectly, as they very often do, so put on your berets and stripy jumpers, grab a baguette and repeat after me in your best Parisian accent “Admirateur synonyme”!  Parfait.

One thing’s for certain, our Long Dog “admirer” isn’t a secret drinker, but if you’d rather hide the empties then an optional, alcohol free motif has been included with the chart.

Comes to you with a loud knock on the door, and a waft of expensive perfume through the letter-box, as a pdf download to file away with all your other little secrets.

  • Area in stitches: 117 x 151
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