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Stories Amidst Graceful Arches – or SAGA to his friends, is the biggest Long Dog offering to date. But this is more than just a sampler, it’s a whole new world for you to explore and become totally immersed in.

There are streets of houses to wander along, castles, ships, marquees, beehives and even a lighthouse as well as twenty-five magnificent arches each one encapsulating a tale of its own. And the cast list of critters runs into triple figures from racing vultures to giraffes, and elephants to chickens.

So, make yourself a cup of tea, settle down in your favourite chair and prepare to be enchanted by the “Tale of the Battenburg Cake”, meet Landseer the Monarch of the Glen and his chum wee Jocky McCockey and discover our 21st century take on the Garden of Eden aimed to reflect the diversity of life in this ever changing era. There are three options to choose from (all charted) – the traditional Adam & Eve, Adam & Steve or Alice & Eve. Cummings the snake in the grass with the seductive voice remains unchanged and unperturbed in all three versions. He says “Come on, I sense you covet this. No one need ever know except thee and me”. He comes from Yorkshire, didn’t I mention that?

This unique chart arrives in your inbox as a pdf download on the back of a virtual pick-up truck because it has squillions of pages and weighs a ton. May you live long enough to finish it.

  • Area in stitches: 389 x 504

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