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Quiltz was designed with a gentle nod of recognition and admiration to the diverse, always colourful and often whimsical, Pennsylvanian Dutch samplers. Back in the day these walnut framed beauties with carved leaves at their corners were as indespensible to the country parlour as a fancy lambrequin or hair wreath.

The Stube Room or stove room was the beating heart of the home and here the family would dine, sew and spin (probably because the internet hadn’t been invented then) but not all at the same time or indigestion would swiftly follow. Many samplers of the period bore verses such as “O noble heart bethink your end”, a common sentiment supposed to prepare one for death but by the time you put the last stitch into Quiltz you should be more than ready.

  • Area in stitches: 130 x 298
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