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Love at First Sight


Q. Why is this sampler called Love at First Sight?

A. Well, if you look under the big old chintz tree down at the bottom you will see two young creatures gazing into each other’s eyes. Long Dog fell in love with them on a recent visit to the abandoned sampler motif shelter in Little Snoring and we were invited to take part in their “forever homes scheme” which offered us the opportunity to adopt one and get one free. So we did.

The big soppy mongrel is called Montague and he’s inseparable from Capulet, the feisty little black kitten. But that’s another story for another sampler ……

Floats down to you on gossamer wings as a pdf download with all the luck and love in the world tied up with an invisible grey silk ribbon sprinkled with chives and chopped green ginger shoots just because.

  • Area in stitches: 361 x 406
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