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“If you stroll along the Bois de Boulogne
As the wind blows through your hair,
I don’t think that you should dare
To shout “Jouissance” there.
They will audibly sigh and wink their eye,
It’s a rude word there, oh me, oh my,
And it’s certainly non-pc in Monte Carlo.”

Jouissance is a French word which in polite company means pleasure and delight. But once it rubs up against Lacanian Theory sex enters the equation and “orgasm” is added to the lexicon in hushed tones.

So while you’re patiently stitching the boring bits you certainly won’t be at a loss for something to think about with this coquettish little sampler in your hands. Oooh la la!

Comes as a discrete pdf download to add a little spice to your leisure hours. Put it somewhere safe because the link doesn’t hang about forever.

  • Area in stitches: 199 x 199
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