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Edge of Darkness


At first glance all the attention in this sampler appears to be focussed on the rather regal pairs of lions and unicorns doing what creatures like that are wont to do – rearing up, taking a stance and trying to look both brave and fierce all at once.. In heraldry these guys are known as “supporters”, or occasionally as “attendants”, because on working days they stand either side of shields and escutcheons to hold them up.

But in this charming sampler we get a rare glimpse of them on their day off having fun, sans shields and sans soucis either. The two young lions on the top band are bragging about the length of their lances; the unicorn ladies are doing a spot of flower arranging; and the chaps at the bottom are just squaring up for a bout of vigorous Cumberland wrestling to let off a bit of steam. It will do that all right, it can get very rough at times.

However when you delve a bit deeper and step into the shadows you’ll see that there’s all sorts of things going on undetected on the Edge of Darkness! Owls on the hunt; some nightjars hawking for food making their eerie mechanical call in the gloaming; the Fox brothers who would a wooing go; a couple of flitting pipistrelles after midges and mosquitoes; and a very tardy pair of hares who’ve cut it a bit fine and are trying to get home in one piece. And then there’s the eyes …….

Comes to you from out of the Stygian gloom as a pdf download delivered direct to your inbox by Long Dog’s weasel cyber-posties who work the night shift. Probably best not to invite them in.

  • Area in stitches: 171 x 339
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