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Act of God


“Act of God” is an expression which is often used to describe an event that’s outside of human control, something awesome, something unanticipated and totally unstoppable. Many years ago, insurance companies even used to feature Act of God clauses in their policies just to cover such contingencies should they arise.

In Long Dog terms, Act of God is an intricate network of little surprises; twists and turns that no one could ever see coming; combinations of motifs that no one could ever predict; and, once you start stitching, it has a momentum all of its own. Act of God is a sampler that you won’t be able to put down, it’s invincible.

Comes to you in portable document format (pdf) swept in on a giant tidal wave accompanied by thunder, lightning rods and earth tremors. It will fill you with wonder.

  • Area in stitches: 361 x 363
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