Price:  £12.60
Area in stitches:  282 x 275


 Price:  £12.60
Area in stitches:  282 x 275 

Les Cerises

Price: £14.40
Area in stitches: 198 x 288

I think you'll agree that Les Cerises contains a bit of everything with that extra Long Dog twist for good measure.  The example above was worked in Gentle Art threads details of which come with the design together with the DMC equivalents.  If you fancy working this in silks then I'm afraid you're on your own although I think you'll find that most LNS are only too pleased to help.


Ages of Man

 Price: £12.50
Area in stitches: 289 x 163
Various interpretations of the Ages of Man, or Stairway of Life, can be found throughout history.  In Medieval symbolism these were connected to the four seasons of the year - child, youth, man and old man.
In a Flemish version 0 is the beginning, 10 are the years of childhood, 20 you start saving up, 30 you ought to be married, 40 you're too old for it now, 50 you start to decline, 60 infirmities set in, 70 you can still live a bit, 80 is allowed us, 90 is given to us and 100 you rest in the grave.  All very cheerful and uplifting stuff indeed!

All Things Bright & Beautiful


Price: £12.60
Area in stitches: 350 x 241
The words are taken from an Anglican hymn written by Cecil Francis Alexander and often sung in infant and primary schools at morning assembly.

All Things Bright & Beautiful II

Price: £12.60
Area in stitches: 350 x 241
A companion piece to All Things Bright & Beautiful which continues on with another verse of this well-known and much loved hymn.

Angel Pavement

Price: £12.60
Area in stitches: 219 x 263
Angel Pavement has been inspired by some traditional Scandinavian samplers which became established towards the end of the 18th century.  Typically they featured religious or pastoral scenes although, in more secular examples, the embroiderer might depict such subjects as the house.
Frequently images of angels also featured, some holding trumpets while others were embedded within floral borders.  The most distinguishing feature of this style was the use of small squares each containing embroidery "aides memoires".

Beautie Spotte

Price: £17.00
Area in stitches: 315 x 312
Beautie Spotte has been designed as a companion piece to Sonne Spotte.  Unlike its companion, this design concentrates on the natural world and reflects the increased public interest which resulted from extensive exploration and the development of natural sciences during the 16th and 17th centuries.  For example, the dodo, discovered in the 16th century on the island of Mauritius and extinct by the end of the 17th century, features on this design.
During this period bright colours came into vogue and reflected the growth in worldwide trade, especially between Great Britain and the Far East, when many different dyes found their way into the embroidery market.  Notable examples include cochineal, brazil wood,woad, indigo and safflower.

Sonne Spotte

Price: £17.00
Area in stitches: 315 x 312
Spot samplers first came into vogue in the early 1600's and were used as aide memoires for a variety of embroidery motifs and patterns which could later be reproduced to embellish clothing and household linen.  The designs were taken from the newly emerging printed pattern books or copied from woodcuts used to illustrate popular herbals and natural history books of that period.
Spotte samplers were charmingly naive due to frequent discrepancies of scale (a borage flower larger than an unicorn or a doe smaller than a giant peapod), as well as their total lack of formal composition.  They could also be quite gaudy affairs when worked on satin material using bright silks, metallic threads, seed pearls, coral beads and spangles.
The selected design was first traced on to paper.  It's outline was then very carefully perforated with a needle, laid on top of the chosen fabric and rubbed with charcoal (on light material) or pounce (cuttle fish bone for darker fabrics) thus transferring the outline via the tiny holes.  All that remained was to join up the dots into solid lines which could often still be seen "framing" the motifs even when the work had been completed.  To recreate this effect all the motifs in Sonne Spotte are outlined in black.

Day & Night

Price: £12.60
Area in stitches: 331 x 255
Based on traditional Dutch/Low Countries designs and motifs, the legend reads: "Day and night, sun and moon, air and light, everyone must have and none can buy".

Paws & Claws

Price: £7.20
Area in stitches: 183 x 214
Traditional motifs with a modern twist and the wording "Live and let live" and "None but cats and dogs may quarrel in my house" - and quite right too!

Quatre Saisons

Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 229 x 194
Traditional motifs and a French verse "Il y a un temps pour tout, un temps pour tout chose sous les cieux.  Eccl 3VI"  ("To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven".)

Bristol Fashion

Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 243 x 275
The name of this design originates from the 18th century expression "All ship-shape and Bristol fashion" which has little to do with the Bristol orphan houses whose style of needlework inspired this sampler.  The orphanages were founded by George Muller, a German minister and philanthropist, who arrived in England in 1829.  Muller opened his first orphanage for 30 girls in 1836 in the St Paul's area of Bristol in western England.
The Bristol sampler style is recognised easily as originally they were worked in red cotton thread and no corner of the material was ever wasted.  The top portion consisted of a variety of alphabets, numerals and border patterns.  The remainder was made up of numerous small decorative motifs such as birds, insects, animals, crowns, flowers, corner patterns etc.

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