This place is home to all my odds and sods, those tricky little non-conformists who just don't seem to fit into any of the other categories.  Here they all are, in no particular order of obstinacy:

Dawn Chorus

Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 293 x 126

Rain Dance

Price: £14.40
Area in stitches: 203 x 296
This design drew it's inspiration from the traditional North American Indian
and British Columbian symbols and artwork including the choice of colours.
Kokopelli is the little man playing the flute while balancing of Jack
Rabbit's back.  He is usually depicted with a hunched back and a
giant phallus which I have toned down in the interests of
propriety and which can be removed by the judicious use of black
stitching should it offend.  There are also thunder birds, rain birds, and
a turtle amongst others for good measure.
Wear your waterproofs at all times when attempting to stitch this design!
You were warned.

Kell's Kritters

Price: £16.20

Area in stitches: 297 x 403
What do you get when you cross the opening word of St Luke's gospel in the Book of Kells (he was speechless when he saw it, by the way) with a 17th century Jacobean Spotte sampler?  Answer - Kell's Kritters, the ultimate fusion piece.  Hours of endless fun for one and all, have you got the bottle to attempt the north face without an oxygen mask and a piece Kendal Mint Cake in your pocket?  

Opus Magnusson

Price: £18.00
Area in stitches: 356 x 395
Inspired by patterns and motifs rooted in Celtic and Icelandic traditions.


Price: £6.30
Area in stitches: 194 x 231
Inspired by the after effects of a dodgey plate of Champignons Chasseur - or perhaps the person who picked them really did know what they were doing after all.

St Senoch


Price: £16.20
Area in stitches: 390 x 259
What can I say - it's big, it's bright, it's beautiful and it's Celtic through and through.



Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 215 x 237
Not your average sampler.  The words "Come creator spirit our souls inspire" are Pentacostal hence the title "Whitsun".



Price: £16.20
Area in stitches: 214 x 374
A southern Spanish air about this sampler from the Iberian Peninsular hence the strong Moorish influence to some of the motifs.  Ole!


Price: £16.20
Area in stitches: 213 x 275
This one's traditionally Mexican and very hot stuff so don't rub your eyes while you're sewing it.

Watchers of the Dawn

Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 235 x 274
Don't ask me - I have absolutely no idea where this one came from.  It just crept up on me and like Topsy it grew and grew.

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