Do Different


Size in stitches:  360 x 338
Price:  £18.00


Stag Party

Price: £17.10
Area in stitches:  249 x 421

Mots d'Amour

Price: £8.00
Area in stitches: 211 x 233

At the risk of sounding too sentimental, this design is dedicated to the memory of my late husband, David George Line, who died at home here in France with just me and his beloved dogs on 12th September 2012.  He flew south along with the swallows who set off on their great migration that very same day.  May he finally rest in peace.


Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 218 x 215
Carrelage has been inspired by some of the remarkable floor tiles which can be found at the Chateau de Langeais in Indre-et-Loire, France.  The chateau was originally built as a fortress in the 10th century but was virtually destroyed by the English during the Hundred Years War (1337 - 1453).
The castle was rebuilt circa 1465 during the reign of Louis XI and now stands as one of the finest examples of medieval architecture especially noted for its richly decorated rooms.

Opus I


Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 201 x 236

Opus II

Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 201 x 236

Paradigm Lost

Price: £17.10
Area in stitches: 370 x 262
Paradigm Lost is an eclectic mix which spans not only several centuries of needle art from early 16th century whitework to art deco but also borrows freely from the traditional motifs of continental Europe, the British Isles and North America.

Paradigm Found

Price: £17.10
Area in stitches: 363 x 355

St Reatham

Price: £16.20
Area in stitches: 380 x 293
The title is a corruption of the name Streatham my old stamping ground in South London.  Anyone remember the Silver Blades?  Then you should be ashamed of yourself.

Tyler's Lion

Price: £16.20
Area in stitches: 304 x 409
Throughout North America during the early 19th century bed coverlets were usually machine woven in either wool or cotton and were deemed to be essential household items.  The Jacquard weaving system, which was introduced during this period and named after it's French inventor, used punched cards to control the loom.  This resulted in highly detailed designs.
Amongst the pioneer weavers using this system was Harry Tyler and like many of his contemporaries he always included his unique motif in his work.  His was an English lion, later changed to an American Bald Eagle.  It is to the memory of Harry Tyler that this sampler is dedicated.  Well done Harry mate!


Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 225 x 254
The wording today is taken from St Paul's second epistle to Timothy although some scholars believe it was written by an anonymous author following St Paul's martyrdom.  Amen.

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