Bhyr Deeze

Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 262 x 262
Inspired mainly by alcohol and secondly by Celtic birds and knot patterns.

Jardin de Plaisir


Price: £8.10
Area in stitches: 226 x 226
This design has been influenced by the Elizabethan fashion for creating Knot Gardens of Parterres which used strict geometric patterns in the execution.


Price: £5.40
Area in stitches: 175 x 175
Based on the Celtic cross, Rosemarkie has been named after the birthplace of my father, a small village on the Black Isle in eastern Scotland.  It lies opposite Fort George, across the Moray Firth, where my grandfather served as a Seaforth Highlander many moons ago now.

St Germain

Price: £7.20
Area in stitches: 206 x 206
Named after a pleasant little village in Indre-et-Loire, France.

St Sylvestre

Price: £7.20
Area in stitches: 225 x 225
The design was finished on New Year's Eve, I forget the year, which is the Feast of St Sylvestre here in France.  Crack open the bubbly and we'll begin.

St Georges

Price: £5.40
Area in stitches: 155 x 155
This design is dedicated to the family and staff of the vineyard of Antoine Simoneau at St Georges-sur-Cher, France.  Why not pop in for a quick tasting at

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