Friday, 8 September 2017

The Black House

The Black House is without a doubt the smallest design to be
released by Long Dog Samplers for many a moon.  But although small
in terms of acreage it lacks nothing in the intricacy department.

Let's creep up close and have a good look, but don't make
too much noise or the birds will drop the flowers they've been
collecting for their nests.

The Black House measures 111 stitches x 145 stitches
and is priced at £6.50 which when you work it out is only
slightly over 80p per woodpecker.
Now that has to be a bargain as in the local supermarket this
morning fresh woodpeckers were selling at £1.20 per kilo oven ready.

This example was stitched using GAST threads
 Usual rules apply, if you would like a pdf download then simply email me
at  or, alternatively, just wait for the paper
copies to rock up at your LNS in time for Christmas.