Saturday, 24 June 2017


New design released Saturday 24th June 2017

Life After "Death"
372 x 325 stitches
Price:  £17.10
This example was worked in GAST "Raven".

And if you don't feel like stitching the whole project you could always just stitch
the little mini Norfolk-style sampler in the bottom left hand corner for starters.

Available in chart form from all good local needlework shops across
the globe and as a pdf download direct from me.  Just email

and I will attempt to pander to your every whim.


  1. Oh, thanks heavens, there IS life after Death! Off to send you a note to get my promise of the hereafter!

  2. Aaargh!! This is so insanely beautiful and exciting! I'm definitely asking my son to get this for my birthday. Thank you for your stunning designs, Julia!

  3. I love this piece!! Long Dog is my favorite! Amazing!

  4. I like the whole but as a partial I really like the sun/ moon celestial with the owl