Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Quilted Bees

What better for the autumn evenings as the
leaves begin to change colour, it gets dark earlier
and the days grow colder than a new Long Dog
Sampler to add to your portfolio
(that's a posh word for stash).

So never being one to disappoint here is
the latest beauty to make it's debut on the
cross stitch stage - The Quilted Bees.

The design measures 211 x 220 stitches.
The price is £8.50 and a downloadable version
is instantly available by clicking on the link below:

So click away as I'm hovering about just waiting
to do your bidding.  And here's a thought,
why not order a couple of other Long Dog beauties
while you're about it.  A stash isn't a stash without
a litter of at least a dozen Long Dogs buried
in the pile.


  1. This is utterly stunning. Can you tell me if your embroidery floss you use in your pattern is DMC or Anchor, or...? Also, I only have access to a black and white printer. Are your patterns black and white with symbols, or a grid with colored blocks? Thank you!