Friday, 28 June 2013

The cherries are ripe at last .....

... and I make no apology whatsoever for all my teasing during the run up to the launch of Long Dog Samplers latest design - a girl has to take her pleasure where she can.  However, the long wait is now over and I feel sure that you will agree with me, she said modestly, that this little beauty was well worth the wait .......

Ladies, Gentlemen and all stitching seamen scattered hither and yon across the seven seas, may I proudly present ..... LES CERISES and all who stitch in her!

She measures 198 x 288 stitches, can be worked in either DMC or GAST threads and weighs in at
16 euros per kilo.  (Sorry, that should be "per copy")

Monday, 3 June 2013

Can't you feel the tension rising ......

.... because there are good times just around the corner in the shape of a glorious new design for your absolute delight and delictation.  Here's a little snippet.

"Les Cerises" (don't be lazy - use your dictionary) is just going through the final stages of preparation and will be available to purchase at the very, very end of this month - not before.  So not long to wait but leaving you with plenty of time to get it all kitted out for some holiday sewing.  It travels well and flourishes in a hot, sunny climate if watered occasionally with a little of the local wine.  Such fun!